Chinese Culture Trip–you and I

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hello,everyone.I’m very happy you enjoy reading this blog.


I am a volunteer Chinese language to American by Hanban. I have been here less than two months . I will teach Chinese in the  Westside elementary school for a year.


The new teachers

My major is teaching Chinese as a second language. Now I’m pursuing my master degree in Nanjing University. I spent half a year teaching Chinese in a middle school, which was just wonderful for my teaching experience.


In fact, This is my first time to teach American kids Chinese.Frankly, if I say I don’t  to feel nervous ,it must be untrue. Looking forward for the first class has been mixed with anxiousness, it come as expected.


Children are listening attentively.

It is just a normal start with my introduction with my partner.”Where are I from;What’s  your hometown famous for:How many people are in my family.” My hometown is famous for the Yellow River, Shaolin Temple,and Longmen Grottoes, which with its unique historical charm and strong cultural contents, which kindle the curiosity of children.Then we taught children the most common greeting–“nihao”(Hello).To my surprise, the kids’ pronunciation of “nihao” is so accurate and authentic. Two weeks latter,all school students have learnt “nihao” from Chinese class.I’m very glad to hear the morning greeting “nihao” instead of “Hello or Good morning”from kids.I enjoy the hugs that children give me.I’m happy that I and students have already made a good start.You know,before that, the children thought we were taught Japanese or Spanish and even greeted us with “こんにちは” or“hola”.

这节课以最平常的自我介绍开始。我和我的小伙伴一起上课。“我来自哪里;我的家乡有什么;我家有几口人。”我的家乡以黄河,少林寺,龙门石窟等闻名四方。家乡浓厚的历史文化底蕴点燃了孩子们好奇的心灵。然后,我们教汉字在中国最通常的问候—“你好”。令我惊讶的是,孩子们的发音非常准确和地道。在清晨,我可以欣喜地听到孩子们使用汉语的问候,“你好”而不是英语的“Hello”或者是“Good morning”,也很享受孩子给我的拥抱。我很开心我和学生们有了一个好的开始。你或许不知道,在此之前,孩子们认为我们是教日语或者西班牙语的,他们甚至用日语或者西班牙语的你好和我们打招呼。

Chinese classroom

The first festival is Mid-autumn festival in the Strong Land, which is a traditional Chinese holiday.We want to share this festival culture with kids.I believe that cultural activities can open the children’s eyes to new world.Given that the children of the  first grade and the second grade is so young.We decided to teach the lesson only for the fourth and the fifth grade.We try to let the children draw some pictures for the moon festival based on the clues.Such as “Ten suns rose to the sky at the same time”;”As soon as Cheng-E drank the elixir, she flew out the window ascending towards the moon”.But after class, we found it’s difficult for children to draw some pictures for it.So in the next class, we printed some sketch for children to color.


color some Moon Festival drawings

Finally,we collected the works of the children and put them on the wall.Now they are still on the hallway’s wall,telling  the legend of Mid-autumn Festival.



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