Enjoy the critical periods for language learning.

I don’t  know  why there are critical periods for language learning. But during this period, I saw this phenomenon in children. It’s amazing. They can produce the crisp, clear speech sound.

我并不知道为什么语言学习存在关键期。但是在这期间,在孩子们的身上,我看到这种奇妙的现象。非常令人惊讶。孩子们全都可以快速的发出纯正清晰的发音。    %e7%ac%ac%e4%b8%89%e8%af%be-002

Chinese pinyin is important for Chinese language learning. At the same time, it is easy to learn. Every children can learn to speak Chinese(not to write) by Chinese pinyin.So I think pinyin’s teaching–the earlier; the better. Chinese, what’s different  from English,is a tonal language in which the tones convert  differences in meaning.



I told students  that you can use your hand.It is available to  improve the student’s perception of image by using body language as a supplementary means.What’s important the body language make the kids happy.

The first tone is just like the tone of “Maybe”, the second like “What?”, the third like “Shall we?”the  forth  like “No!” The students love the feeling of speaking tones. But they cant’t pronounce the second tone purely.The hard part –second tone. To solve this problem, I try to let the kids exaggerate their pronunciation .The result is their tones sound much more authentic.



In order to pronounce these tonal letters, we designed a game–to pat the letters just like to pat the flies.



The game is one student to pat  and others to read for her. The kids had a good time.



After the pat game, then let the kids to identify  the falling apple. It’s very interesting.



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