Secret opportunities hidden inside every class.

Little by little, I has become love the Chinese class. Nothing would be please me more in my life. The children also love the Chinese class, which double the joy.



Last class, we taught kids Chinese pinyin. As the ancient Chinese proverb say: “It’s better to show a person how to fish than to give him the fish.” I thought learning Chinese without learning Chinese pinyin just like learning English without learning English phonetic symbol. So we taught all grades Chinese pinyin. However, in spite the efforts of both teachers and students, the teaching outcome is not as satisfactory as our expected. Especially for the first grade and the second grade’ kids. It seems too hard for them to learn another language phonetic symbol.


There are secret opportunities hidden inside every class. After this class, we review our class’s schedule with this adjustment, and develop different arrangement for children.


The first and second grades
The other grades

For the first grade and the second grade’s kids, we only teach them words, just like “baba; mama” not like “a; b”.And for the other grades we teach both.

对于一二年级的孩子,我们只教以字为单位的,就像“爸爸;妈妈”,不教“a; b”之类的。而对于其他年纪的孩子,我们则都教。

I believe we’ll lead to a good result.




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