Let’s sing a Chinese song.

This week we had some musical class for the third grades. We taught a Chinese song–pull the radish. Music has its special charm, which can stride across the obstacles easily among different languages.


Pull the radish

We started this musical class with a interesting story:“ One day, the rabbit was very hungry, she want to find some food to eat. Find a moment, she find a big radish in the field.But she can’t pull it out. At this time, a little tabby cat was passing by.”Can you help me to pull the radish out?”…



We learned the Chinese song after this story.


Pull the radish, pull the radish.

Heavy ho, heavy ho, pull the radish.

Heavy ho, heavy ho, can’t pull it out.

(The little tabby cat) come in a big hurry.

Come over and help us to pull the radish.



To make the song more interesting, we decided to make the students to perform this song.There were many roles in this song: the little tabby cat; the little tabby dog; the old grandma. Besides we increased more roles that we had learnt in last class: dad; mom; big brother; little brother; big sister; litter sister.The kids enjoy the show.



Finally, they pull the radish out together.


At the first class, I found the kids too love performing to sing the song.It’s not good.What’s the important is that the kids to learn this song.


So in the next class, I told the kids you need to sing the song and watching the performing when others performed.It’ s become better.




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