Chinese art

img_20161101_100245        This week, we had some Chinese arts for kids. After reflecting on it, we had decided to pick the blue and white porcelain for our teaching content.


Blue and white porcelain is a kind of porcelain,which is contrived using the color blue,to create designs on shaped clean, white clay that is then covered in a layer of transparent glaze and baked in a kiln at high temperature. And it is originated from China,and it is identified as being typical of Chinese culture.



Our target is make students learn how to appreciate the beauty of the art, help to broaden the field of perception and appreciation to beauty. Students can use their imagination to combine different Chinese elements to design their own“plate” creatively and freely.


Firstly, we need to introduce the origin of Chinese blue and white porcelain (with photos) then teach students say blue and white porcelain in Chinese and the main colors of it(white and blue), some typical pattern.Teaching students to appreciate the artistic charm of blue and white porcelain during the process.



Finally , let students draw and design blue and white plates by themselves. (draw it wish pencil on white paper first ,then fill the color  with blue.)


Now, let’s enjoy some kids’ productions together.





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