Chinese Ancient Poetry


We had a poetry class for some talented students from the first and second grades last week. We picked a simple poetry for kids to learn easily.


This poetry is written by Luo Binwang when he was seven years old, which observe the animal from the perspective of a child. So I think the kids would like this poetry.



Geese, geese, geese.                                                   鹅,鹅,鹅。

Your necks curving, sing to the sky.                     曲项向天歌。

Your white plumes float on the green water.     白毛浮绿水。

Red feet paddle in clear streams.                            红掌拨清波。


We have done pictures to explain the poetry’ s meaning. Just like this


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is an interesting and effective method ,which helpful to the kids to get a better understanding  of poetry.


Poetry belongs with music. Confirms the students understands, we began to teach them to sing the poetry. Then practice the song with corresponding actions.



Finally, we gave everyone a goose. The kids can write the poetry on it. The children still excited to sing after class.





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