Letters and Words


It is hard for kids to only learn Chinese letters. Last class we found that isn’t easy to teach kids to learn letters with different tones . Therefore,  it become interesting and simple to read a similar word rather than a letter. Just like repeat “wuya” not “u”.


Kids  are excited about the pictures.



We add some meaningful words to jazz it up.


We also made some card, one side pictorial and one side literal. We can let some students do games. Six volunteers got up back us  to hold the card. If I say a word that someone have then the student turn around and show picture to us. I would love to make the kids to say a word after the first round. Everyone can get their turn after almost three rounds. What’s important is the students can learn letters and words  in this way.



In this six letters, “ü” is most difficult for kids. Because there is no “ü” or similar “ü” in English. Therefore we try to learn “ü” by “u”. Let the students pronounce “u” firstly and then keep the shape of the mouth and put the tongue forward , so every can pronounce “ü”. Then practice “ü” with second tone ( “yú”means fish).




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