Thanksgiving Day

thanks%ef%bc%8dgiving-013“–Do you have the Thanksgiving Day in China?

–No. This lesson just for you.”



Last  two weeks,when we had the Thanksgiving Day lesson for students,they would always ask this question.


It’s wild for us to have this lesson,but it’s very interesting . As we all know that the Thanksgiving  Day is important in American  life .The use of close student life teaching situation,so that they learn better in life exchange.



We teach the Chinese for all the students in school, from first grade to fifth grade. They all have got the chance to have the Thanksgiving class. We picked out a simple song to teach some sentences.”Thanksgiving day is coming, I eat the turkey. I eat the pumpkin pie. I thank you, dad. I thank you, mom. I thank you,grandpa. I thank you., grandma.”



In order to help the children to understand the meaning of the sentences. We think that TPR (Total Physical Responding) is a effective  weapon to help the children to understand.So we design the corresponding action. Let’s make a heart to represent the “the Thanksgiving Day” and the put this action forward to represent the “Thanksgiving Day is coming. Point in myself represents “me/ I”. We can make a eat sign by way of eating. a sign of opening arms represents “turkey” . Making a circle to represent “pumpkin”. We bow our thanks….



The children have fun making such actions.They can make all the seven sentences  soon. Then is the “Game Loop”.We wrote the a sentence on the a note. We asked some students to open the note and make the corresponding action according to the clue. And rest of us guess what’s the sentence.



这件事也再次告诉我,我们应该随时准备好B 计划,也就是在最佳行动方案无法完成时的第二个计划“

Cute action maybe not developed into attraction for slightly older children. I tried to make a action for the fourth children. I found that they weren’t interested in these actions as I expected. Therefor we switched to another mode soon. I think option B is the best alternative. The Plan B is write these sentences on the heart-shaped card. They can tell these content to their parents when they go home.

We should always have a “Plan B” ready, that is , a second plan in case our best course of action cannot be realized.

A sentence of “Happy Thanksgiving Day” in the end. But we found that after the more interesting task , we asked the kids to read after me is make the kids feel boring. When I heard the kids ‘ reading in a faint voice, I realized  It’s not good. So in a next class, We said say the “happy thanksgiving day ” to your neighbor, one time to your left neighbor, another time to your right neighbor.And with action one more time.The kids become actively  again when this interaction is added.



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