One ,Two, There , Let’s count together.

%e6%95%b0%e5%ad%97%e8%af%be%e6%96%b0-001One ,Two, There , Let’s count together. In English, no,no,no, let us in Chinese this time.1,first tone ,level.2,fourth tone, down. 3, another first tone. 4,another fourth tone.5,wow,a third tone, go up then go down.…

1,2,3, 让我们一起数数吧,One, Two, There,不,不,不, 这次让我们用汉语。一,一声,平的;二,四声,降的;三,又一个一声;四,又来一个四声,五,哇哦,一个三声,升上去再降下来……,

What did you say? It’s too hard.


Okay, I agreed, let’s  do again with action .


1,one finger; 2, two fingers; 3,three fingers; 4, four fingers;5,five fingers.Okay, 6, six fingers? No, this gesture, like a telephone, this gesture represents number six in Chinese culture.7, use your three fingers like this. 8, bang,bang, like a gun? No, it’s different. We must to point out that you need to point your left side. Only do this, it’s eight.9.held up a finger and then bend down.10, a fist.

1,一根手指;2 ,两根手指;3,三根手指;4 ,四根手指;5,五根手指。好了6, 六根手指,不,这样的手势,像电话一样,在中国文化中这样表示6. 7,用三根手指这样,8,bang,bang,像手枪,不,不太一样,我们一定得强调指向你的左方,只有这样才是8. 9 一根手指伸出来,然后弯曲。10,拳头。


You said there is not zero . Yes? Make a circle, 0,0,0.


Game Loop, at first, we want to make the kids write their  three lucky numbers, and then I piked out one and read it.If I read the number that you have ,you need to come over and pike out a number and read it .So the cycle, the children can practice listening and reading the numbers.But our class only have 30 mins.The kids write down the number and give it to the teacher, which take a lot of time . What’s important is that the kids cannot identify the sounds of Chinese numbers.After having a class , we try to change this game to reduce the difficulty and to increase efficiency.


So, we search for some cute animals and plants to represent the numbers. Such as 1, how many horns the unicorn has? 2, how many ears the rabbit has?  5, how many arms the starfish has? 6, how many petals the lily has? 9, how many tails the fox spirit has? The kids  are interested in these pictures. They read follow me happily. By the way, the spirit is a animal in Chinese legend and the kid haven’t seen this animal. They were excited about it and said it’s cute. There were also have unicorn.



Do this just like repeating the numbers many times. Then we would watch a video about numbers to follow the numbers.   Finally, play a game –pat. That is I say 1, the kid pat unicorn; I say 2, the kid pat bunny ….


Such, the kids have more time to play the game.



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