Snow Spread Fly Season 大雪纷飞的季节

89fb270777b962b063983b6611bb4f51Winter, in the West Fargo, the snow spread fly season, I’d like to hit the snow.


Every morning we wake up and face a snowy day.It’s so beautiful. And I will fall asleep watching the snow falling through the half-frosted window.


Northern winter is the vigorous, the northern winter is magnificent. Even time is walking so slow and romantic ,you can see endless snowfield ,grey trees,and the red houses.



When the wind is coming, some snow will dance wish the wind, but the houses are always so straight and standing still. During the sunny and clear weather, all the world is so quite,only the shine kiss the snow .


Ever since the first snow ,the snow will never disappear.This is the very Fargo in winter. Falling in love with it really don’t any more reason.



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