The Chinese New Year

chinese-new-year-001     The Chinese new year, we also call it Spring Festival.


Why we call it Spring Festival, because according to the Chinese lunar calendar ,the Chinese New Year lies between late January and early February.At that time it’s spring already.



This lesson, we will talking about something about the Spring Festival.You know the new year has gone here, but Chinese new year hasn’t arrived yet.It’s will be on the 28th January.It’s the first day of lunar calendar and last 15 days.Just like the Christmas Day here,the Spring Festival is the biggest celebration in China.



When the Spring Festival approaches ,people will be very busy with preparing something.Sweeping the house, pasting some Spring Festival scrolls in the doorways to create jubilant festive atmosphere since the phrases written on it means good luck and prosperity.


We printed some Fu character for kids to color.The best the background is red, which means good luck and the Fu character can be yellow or black.




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